Nabila Ayu

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Behind understanding Justika's design guidelines.

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Design Principle vs Guideline vs Rule

How to build user scenarios, conduct a usability test, and measure the outcome.

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Tips on building a strong relationship with users and stakeholders.

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👂 Listen + Observe

Supercharge your work as a designer 📈

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Tips & tricks from Uncle Bob

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Is it worth your time?

Test-Driven Development by codica

Find out five people-factors that influence the success of agile software development projects based on research.

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A Little Agile 101

Learn about basic Git commands and Gitflow to help you set up your first [let’s be honest, this is your gazillionth 😌] Git team project.

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Let’s Get to the Basics

Nabila Ayu

An aspiring UI/UX Designer, also a Junior @ CSUI

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